Research Administration Faculty Advisory Board

Reasoning:  The Executive Vice Presidents have made important changes to the research structure at Emory.  These changes are designed to raise Emory’s eminence as a research institution.  A crucial part of this change is to improve the research administration infrastructure to serve existing faculty and to help recruit the best faculty internationally.  The establishment of a Research Administration Faculty Advisory Board (FAB) will help assure that we achieve this goal.  The FAB will bring faculty researchers together with key staff to address the needs & opportunities across all areas of the Office of Research Administration.


Global Contracts Task Force

Reasoning: Emory researchers are engaged in global research activities. Some of this activity is focused on conducting clinical research in the country of interest. The laws, culture, and business practices of individual countries regarding this type of research can be very unique and situation specific. Setting up new research projects, particularly clinical trials or other projects involving enrollment of human subjects in a foreign country, can be challenging and difficult for faculty to undertake. Global contracts are especially challenging for central administration because they tend to be more inherently complicated than conventional contracts and may slow down the system for other, higher volume work. Often the laws of a particular country may conflict with the conditions of the sponsor, or they may impose obligations on the sponsor and/or PI that go beyond what is required under US law (e.g., payment for subject injury). This task force is being set up to examine the issues around global contracts (including grants), review the processes, and make recommendations that take into account priorities and resources.