What is FMLA?

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) allows eligible employees to take up to 12 workweeks of unpaid, job-protected leave in a rolling 12-month period for specified family and medical reasons.

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Who is eligible for FMLA?

An Emory employee or faculty who meets the following criteria:

  • Have worked at least 12 months for Emory (need not be consecutive);
  • Have worked at least 1,250 hours for Emory over the preceding 12 months (actual hours); and
  • Work at a location where there are at least 50 Emory employees within 75 miles.

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Who should I choose as my HR rep when I am completing my FMLA request?

Sheriece March is ORA’s HR rep for FMLA requests.

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Who completes the eligibility for the employee, when he/she submits the FMLA Request?

When the employee submits the FMLA request, either the ORA’s HR rep or the employee’s direct supervisor may complete the eligibility designation.

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Who finally approves the FMLA Request?

Emory University Employee Relations designates the leave as a qualified event under FMLA. Leaves will be designated as "approved", "not approved", or "additional information needed”.

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When an employee is on Intermittent FMLA Leave, who tracks the leave?

To appropriately track FMLA leave, the following steps are to be completed:

  • The employee keeps track of the actual time not worked due to the FMLA leave event and documents this time in the FMLA tracking spreadsheet (provided by ORA-HR).
  • Either the employee or the ORA-HR rep may submit the accrued leave (sick, vacation or floating holiday) request; using the Monthly Exempt Tracking System (exempt employees) or Emory Timekeeping Adjusting System (biweekly employees), indicating such leave is related to the FMLA event.
  • The employee’s supervisor approves and monitors the FMLA time submitted and taken.
  • The employee emails the spreadsheet (copying their supervisor) to ORA-HR on a monthly or biweekly basis.
  • ORA-HR reconciles the spreadsheet and time submitted in leave tracking system(s).

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Who do I contact if I have a FMLA questions?

You may contact Sheriece March (ORA-HR) at, Maria Mendez (ORA-HR) at or Sharmel Gonzalez (Employee Relations) at

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If an employee is out for more than 3 sick days, do they have to submit FMLA?

If the employee is out due to a serious medical condition for more than 3 consecutive days, or out following any period of hospitalization, then yes, they must request FMLA leave. To ensure the situation is appropriately addressed, please contact ORA-HR or Employee Relations for further clarification.

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Can the employee work while on FMLA leave?

If the employee is out on a continuous FMLA leave, then no, they cannot work in any capacity. If the employee is on Intermittent FMLA leave, they should not work while they are on leave due to their FMLA event.

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