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Export Control U.S. export control regulations affect a wide range of research and academic activities at Emory including conducting restricted sponsored research, engaging in international collaborations, hosting international visitors or visiting scholars, international travel, employing foreign nationals (nonimmigrant employees), and shipping. Engaging in these activities can result in actual or deemed exports that may require Emory to obtain an export license. Non-compliance with export regulations can result in severe penalties for both Emory and individuals including criminal and civil liability, loss of export privileges, and the potential loss of research funding.

Emory’s Export Control Office (ECO) is responsible for administering Emory’s export control compliance program. The ECO helps Emory remain compliant by developing administrative processes, designing tools, providing training, and serving as a resource for departments, faculty, and staff.

Because export control regulations are complex and regularly updated, information on this website may not be comprehensive. Please contact the Export Control Office at exportcontrol@emory.edu with questions or for additional information.