Federal Contracts

The activities required for the administration of Federal Contracts at Emory involves a variety of stages which includes: the response to the Request for Proposal (RFP), preparation and submission of the proposal, and receipt and management of the awarded contract.  The tools, listed below, were developed to provide further clarity on what is required for the proper administration of a Federal contract at each stage of the process: proposal preparation and submission (Pre-Award), Small Business Subcontract Planning (SBSP), and financial management (Post-Award) stages. 

Roles and Responsibilities:  This document provides a list of the key responsibilities for administrators in each stage of the award cycle of a Federal Contract. The document also states who is Responsible(R), Accountable (A), Consulted (C), and Informed (I).

Workflow Maps:  Documents that outline the workflow for a standard Federal Contract from proposal to award closeout. The information is broken up to show who is responsible for completing the various tasks throughout the life cycle of this type of award. 

Other Tools:  This section provides access to a list of resources available at Emory to assist in the process of administering Federal contracts.