How much F&A will my new award be charged? 
Current rates can be found by using this link.

How do I find my DAR billing information?
Recent billing details can be found by logging on here, clicking on the appropriate month and searching for your smartkey and PI name.

Where can I find what purchases require CAS exceptions?
Common CAS items can be found at
this link.

How do I submit Confidential/Nondisclosure Agreements?
Please e-mail the agreement to

How do I route my clinical trials? 
Information on submitting clinical trials can be found on
this link.

Where is the School of Medicine PI eligible policy?
Information on PI Eligibility can be found on
this link

I have a VA joint appointment. Where is the policy located on this?
Emory’s policy on VA Appointments can be found on
this link.

Where is Emory’s effort reporting policy?
Emory’s policy on effort reporting can be found on
this link

Do I need to complete a Conflict of Interest (eCOI) form for a contract amendment?
Yes, an
eCOI form for an amendment must be completed by the Principal Investigator and any other research team member named in the contract with the sponsor. This is to verify if conditions of conflict of interest have changed since the initial contract or a previous amendment was signed. Note: Not to be confused with the separate, initial and annual eCOI forms required from all members of the research teams by the Emory Office of Research Administration (ORA).

FAQ's for New PI's