Proposal Development

The Office of Research Administration departments are here to assist faculty in developing, writing and submitting proposals. The Office of Sponsored Programs offers workshops, grant application kits, forms, and proposal guides. The RAS Units are available to assist in completing each step of preparing a proposal and should be contacted as soon as you know you are planning to prepare one. 

Information on Proposal Development, Budget Planning and Forms Completion
Information on Navigating Compliance at Emory when submitting a proposal
Information on submisison of Clinical Trials

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Proposal Package Development

Additional Information:

Emory and our faculty are awarded research funds through competitve proposal processes that help ensure the best research ideas receive awards. Once a research funding opportunity is identified, the researcher will write a proposal in conjunction with the RAS Unit's assistance. At Emory, the Office of Research Administration is responsible for proposal submission and the acceptance of awards for grants and contracts. All funding proposals, regardless of funding source, must be processed by the Office of Sponsored Programs. This is to ensure that if the grant is awarded, the University is prepared to receive and administer the funds. 
The high level typical proposal process:

  1. Faculty member identifies funding opportunity
  2. Faculty downloads proposal requirements/application/RFP/RFA for the opportunity from the funding agency
  3. Faculty, in conjunction with the RAS Unit, reviews and completes the proposal, using all required forms and formats, providing all required documentation and seeking/following advice from ORA departments as needed. Your OSP representatives have significant experience in proposal preperation/submission and can offer helpful insights, tips and the lastest information with appropriate time to review.
  4. If you cannot provide draft for review, we request the proposals are submitted 5 business days prior to the agency deadline.
  5. Faculty/PI completes the Conflict of Interest form.
  6. Once the proposal is finalized it will be submitted through the Emory EPEX system to OSP who will review and submit to the sponsor agency.
  7. For Contracts and Subcontracts, the OSP Contracts group negotiates terms of the contract/subcontract and must be more heavily involved at the beginning of the process. They are also the signature authority for Emory University. 
  8. You can contact OSP at any time with any question related to grant or contract proposals.
  9. Faculty member completes any compliance requirements dependant upon the kind of research i.e. IRB requirements must be completed for any research involving humans, IACUC requirements must be completed for any research involving animals, etc...The Compliance Navigation link at the top of the page can help guide you through the complex world of Compliance at Emory.
  10. If you are planning a clinical trial you will need to work with our OCR office who will help with budget preperation and other clinical trial compliance and funding related issues.