The reports below provide official data on Emory’s research awards and proposals.  Please note that beginning FY14, the data is pulled from EBI.  For further information on what each report provides, please hover above the title.  If you have additional questions regarding the reports, please contact Jennifer Gore at

ORA Mission Metrics at a Glance

Compass Queries and Reports

ORA Monthly Reports 

Proposal Hard Copy Report Award Hard Copy Report
 5-Year Award Trend Report Emory Expenditure Report

EBI Reports

Proposal Analysis Report Award Analysis Report
5 Year Analysis Emory Expenditure Analysis

Research Administration Compass Queries and Reporting

Compass Queries and Reports

Monthly Sponsored Research Results

Monthly Sponsored Research Results


Research Adminstration Annual and Historical Reporting

Annual Research Results Historical Research Reports
ORA Annual Reports

Trends in Research Funding

Federal Awards Awards Report
Proposal Report Award Trend Report

External Data Sources

External Data Services

Research Administration Metrics

Research Administration Office provides the following metrics on a monthly basis to provide the Emory research community with information and transparency regarding various tasks handled by research offices.