Leadership, Subcommittees, and Members

Members (including leadership and subcommittee members): Jill Allen, Deepika Bhatia, Grant Bradley, April Carswell, Maria Davila, John Doan, Candice Ebanks, Robin Ginn, Inger Jackson Garnett, Nicole Guerrero, Janette Hannam Hayes, Mekia Hardy, Charlotte Harmon, Natasha Hemsley, Michelle Kalbeitzer, Julie Martin, Maria Mendez, Ruel Morant, Carmen Nash, Tiffani Patterson, Winter Powell, Jennifer Prozonic, Valeria Rainey, David Ramirez, Briana Rotterman, Rebecca Rousselle, Jumionne Tiako, Angela Toole, Winsome Thompson, Skyler Tordoya Henckell, Aaliyah Van De Cruize, Alex Wagner, Rose Waller, Katherine White

Committee Leadership

Maria Davila



Jumionne Tiako



Briana Rotterman





The newsletter committee is in charge of our quarterly newsletter that provides updates about social justice activities across Emory and in our local area. Current member(s): Tiffani Patterson, Carmen Nash, Rebecca Rousselle, and Rose Waller

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Panel Discussion/Events Planning

The panel discussion/events planning committee is in charge of planning events and identifying future educational opportunities. This committee facilitates discussion after events, when needed. Current member(s): John Doan, Michelle Kalbeitzer, David Ramírez, and Rose Waller

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Survey Development and Analysis

This committee is in charge of developing survey tools and analyzing data with a goal of utilizing it to drive future efforts. Current member(s): Alex Wagner, Julie Martin, and Grant Bradley

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