Research Administration Faculty Advisory Board


Upholding a vibrant and progressive research enterprise requires constant engagement and advice from the faculty being served. Through a series of strategic planning activities, the research enterprise has continued to evolve in order to advance Emory’s institutional eminence. A crucial part of this evolution is the enhanced focus on improving the research administration infrastructure to serve existing faculty, and to help recruit the best faculty domestically and internationally.

The establishment of the Research Administration Faculty Advisory Board (FAB) is to ensure that Emory achieves continued quality and process improvement in Emory’s research environment. Specifically, the FAB will work with the Office of Research Administration (ORA) to provide an effective and efficient research organization to achieve Emory’s goal of excellence in research. The FAB will bring faculty researchers together with key staff to address the needs and opportunities across all areas of ORA.


The FAB will:

  • Provide insight and recommendations related to the “faculty research experience”
  • Advise on progress of the Research Administration Strategic and Operational Plans
  • Receive information on, and provide feedback related to, ORA’s continuous process improvement initiatives
  • Identify challenges and discuss solutions for process improvement across ORA with appropriate consideration for prioritization of resources
  • Report feedback and suggestions for improvement to Dr. Robert Nobles, VPRA
Composition and duration of task force membership:
  • Faculty and faculty leaders engaged in research
  • Composition will Include key ORA staff responsible for change management
  • The FAB will meet once monthly
  • Faculty appointments are for two years. Half of faculty appointments roll off each year, except for the initial group of faculty that will have half of the group role off at two years and the remaining half will serve for three years.
  • Faculty appointments will be made annually after consultation with school deans/associate deans, department chairs, unit leaders, and the university faculty council

Task Force Members

Provided below are the member names and backgrounds.

Larry Boise, PhD

SOM, Hematology and Medical Oncology

Matthew Freeman, PhD

RSPH, Global Research

Mandy Ford, PhD

SOM, Surgery

Jen Heemstra, PhD

ECAS, Chemistry

Steve L’Hernault, PhD

ECAS, Biology

Octavian Cosmin Ioachimescu PhD

SOM, Pulmonary

Mi-kyung Song, PhD

SON, Palliative Care

Bill Wuest, PhD

SOM, Infectious Disease

Miriam Vos, MD

SOM, Gastroenterology

Central Department Members

Provided below are the member names and backgrounds.

Robert Nobles

Vice President, ORA

Tonya Jenkins

Assoc. VPR, RAS

Lisa Wilson

Senior Director, Strategic Operations and Training

Holly Sommers

Asst. VPRA, Director OSP


Assoc. VPR, RGC