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Electronic management system for EHSO protocols.

For more information contact biosafe@emory.edu


A system for the submission of federal grant proposals. It covers about 97% of federal grant opportunities available in Grants.gov.
(Note: non-federal proposals are not submitted through Cayuse.)

Cayuse information and training available


Emory's financial system for entering post-award expense reports, travel reimbursements, etc.
For support, email compass@emory.edu

Compass information and training available

Compass Reports

Emory's reporting system for keeping track of grant expenditures, accounts, and more.

Compass Reports Training Available

Emory Business
Intelligence (EBI)

Interface for standard Emory financial and labor reports 

Grant Related Reporting


Electronic Conflict of Interest login


Electronic management system for radioactive material (RAM).

For more information contact chemwaste@emory.edu

(animal research)

Applications for PIs and their designees to submit all applicable animal research documents at Emory.

Protocol Submission Information


Electronic Institutional Review Board system whereby Principal Investigators (and their designees) obtain IRB approval, submit
amendments, and track IRB status of their protocols.

Emory Express

Electronic system used to order supplies online and review subcontracting information

Emory Express training available


Web-based clinical research financial management tool used to assist Emory Healthcare and Emory University with their joint research billing compliance program. 

ERMS information and training available


Electronic Notice of Award login

Job Aid


Login through Compass - make deposits

Controller's Office


Emory Proposal Express - assist in budget development, electronic routing, and institution approval related to extramural funding at Emory. EPEX replaces the SPAF (Sponsored Programs Approval Form) and is a necessary accompaniment to any Grant or Contract requiring Institutional endorsement

EPEX information, training, FAQs, and how to get access


Effort Reporting System login

ERS Training


Office of Research Administration Web Application and Research Reports